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Here's a great video deomonstrating how to use a part-whole bar model for simple addition word problems. There's also a part-whole subtraction demo here. You'll find the Bar Model Maker along with over 50 other interactive primary maths tools under the Matholia tools tab.  Read more on the matholia blog.

Year level: Grade 3
Topic: Fractions 1

Today, I began teaching the grade 3 fractions unit to a group of students who require more support than the average third grader at my school. I wanted to document the sequence of lessons I taught, in part to think about how I use technology to teach the concepts in the unit. Read more on the matholia blog.

I use bar models to help children understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, ratio and percentage. This simple representation, used in conjunction with others, provides a flexible and clear model of all of these mathematical relationships. I don’t need to present a bar model as part of a word problem in order to use it to show students instead of telling them.The Singaporean teaching strategy of bar modelling has spread worldwide.  Read more...

Dr. Kevin Mahoney, an academic researcher and Math Curriculum Coordinator from Boston, MA. provides some American perspective on Singapore Math. Read the article here.