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The much-requested mental mathematics practice modules – Speed Skills are now available under the practice tab for grades 1 to 3. These are timed practice modules that reward students for speed and accuracy when answering mental math problems.

In the last post, we looked at the use of part-whole bar models for multiplication word problems. Here's a similar application of the part-whole bar model method – this time for a division word problem. As with previous bar modelling videos, this video was produced using Matholia's 'Bar Model Maker' – just one of more than 50 primary maths tools available on the Matholia portal.  Email us now to start a free 3-month school trial now.

The use of bar models was first implemented into the Singapore maths syllabus approximately 30 years ago as a problem solving tool to assist pupils in visualising word problems. The pedagogy of bar modelling is now an integral part of the teaching and learning of primary mathematics in Singapore.

In this video, we look at how a part-whole bar model can be used to represent a multiplication word problem.

As promised, here's a video demonstration using a comparison bar model to represent a subtraction word problem. In the next videos, we'll look at how bar models can be used to represent word problems involving multiplication and division. This series of training videos is produced using Matholia Tools. Tools are available on Matholia and can also be downloaded for free on  the iTunes App store.