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  • 100 Square

    Understand number patterns visually by representing them in this virtual 100 square.
  • Addition Table

    Explore and identify patterns for addition within 20.
  • Bar Model Maker

    Interactive tool for drawing bar models to represent all operations on whole numbers.
  • Base Ten Blocks

    Explore concepts such as the base ten system, place value, addition and subtraction with this set of virtual base ten blocks.
  • Counters and Ten Frames

    Help visualise numbers and amounts with moveable counters and ten frames.
  • Equation Maker

    Freestyle number and equation symbols for the visual display of equations.
  • Fraction Discs

    Use fraction discs to help you add, subtract and compare fractions.
  • Fraction Tiles

    Use fraction tiles to help you add, subtract and compare fractions.
  • Fraction Visualiser

    Represent fractions using a range of geometric shapes.
  • Interactive Number Line

    Gain a visual understanding of number patterns and operations with this interactive number line.
  • Measuring Length (Non-standard Units)

    Measure the lengths of different objects using a range of non-standard measures such as paperclips and jelly beans.
  • Measuring Mass (Pan Balance)

    Measure the masses of objects with a pan balance and a set of known masses.
  • Model Builder - Addition to 100

    Solve addition word problems by building bar models.
  • Model Builder - Subtraction within 100

    Solve subtraction word problems by building bar models.
  • Money Counter

    Show amounts of money with virtual banknotes and coins.
  • Multi-link Cubes

    Linkable cubes allow for the exploration of place value and addition and subtraction within 100.
  • Multiplication Table

    Explore and identify patterns for multiplication tables to 10.
  • Multiplication with Groups

    Arrange groups of food on plates to visually represent the concept of multiplication.
  • Number Balance

    Explore addition within 10 using a virtual number balance.
  • Number Bond Builder

    Number bond templates for the concrete, pictorial and abstract representation of addition and subtraction equations.
  • Place Value Abacus

    Represent numbers to the millions place by adding and removing beads on an abacus.
  • Place Value Chart

    A comprehensive place value chart with a range of representations and auto-regrouping.
  • Random Equation Generator

    Generate a set of random equations within your set parameters.
  • Shape Explorer

    Create an manipulate a range of 2-dimensional shapes.
  • Shape Explorer (3D)

    Manipulate a range of 3-dimensional solids.
  • Spinners and Number Generators

    Spinners and random number generators in a range of formats.
  • Virtual Abacus

    Virtual abacus and notepad. Suitable for visualising number patterns, fractions, decimals and operations on whole numbers.
  • Virtual Clock

    Set the times on a clock face, digital clock or both.